Cycling New Zealand

Cycling New Zealand was created in July 2003 to act as a national sporting organisation embracing all national bike and cycling organisations including, but not limited to, current member organisations:

BMX NZ, Cycling New Zealand Road & Track, Mountain Bike NZ and Cycling New Zealand Schools.


As a national not-for-profit organisation, Cycling New Zealand provides the strategic framework from which the targets outlined within the Strategic Plan will be achieved. Joint strategic thinking and alliances set the platform for real growth across the various facets of cycling, through focusing and synergising our energies towards common strategic goals.

Cycling New Zealand recognises the need to provide long-term direction to the sport and advocacy arms embraced by our organisational structure.

Sport and physical recreation trends in New Zealand are changing and these changes will have a major influence on the strategic alliances Cycling New Zealand seeks to establish going forward i.e. Ministries of Health, Education, Environment and Transport.

In an age of increasing car use and trends away from physical activity, strategic alliances are now required across the various central government agencies.


Cycling New Zealand is strategically positioned to bring about significant economic, environmental,

educational, health and social benefits for New Zealanders.

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Cycling New Zealand is proud to bring you this exciting event for the first time in New Zealand.